I’m rewatching all of Star Wars 📺🍿

I’m watching every canonical Star Wars movie and TV series in chronological order. I started a few weeks ago when I was quarantined and resting in bed, recovering from COVID-19.

I’ve already seen all the movies but I’m watching most of the series for the first time. At this point I’ve rewatched the prequel trilogy, watched all seven seasons of The Clone Wars for the first time, and the three episodes of The Bad Batch currently available on Disney+.

Last night, I rewatched Solo: A Star Wars Story. Holy hell, it was so much fun. Even more fun than I’d remembered it being back when I saw it in the theater. I liked it well enough then, but this time I loved just about every minute of it. There’s something about Star Wars stories without light sabers and Jedi that really scratch an itch for me. I want more stories set on worlds like Corellia and learn more about crime syndicates.

The Clone Wars did a great job of setting up backstory that made the world of Solo seem rich and lived-in. Solo ended with great seups for more stories that I really hope I get to see one day. What happens when Chewie and Han go to Tatooine for their first job with the Falcon? Will Qi’ra get herself out from under Crimson Dawn’s thumb? What’s next for Lando? Maybe we’ll get another movie one day, or even better, a series.

Next up: Star Wars Rebels.

Gavin St. Ours @charmcitygavin